Thursday, February 3, 2011

So I've found yet another hobby....oh the sweet goodness

Now, what pray tell, could I have gotten myself it as of yet....yummy sugar cookies! I always HATED making sugar cookies, the flour, the rolling, the mess and then the icing and everything getting sticky...ICK! I've found a NEW recipe, where rolling the dough with flour is unnecessary (roll it between two sheets of wax paper and the refrigerate it), so much neater...and I've purchased rolling pin rings! So much easier to get even dough! Anyway, I've had a great time with another creative outlet!
Valentine's Purse, Hope Ribbon, Heart
Valentines Panties Bra Boxer Short Lingerie Lips
Valentine HeartsValentine's Hearts
Valentine Cupcake and Cowboy Boot


mamichelle said...

Oh my gosh, these look fantastic! Love the bra/panties and the cowgirl boot!!

CheckerBeads said...

They are FABULOUS!!!

Keep up the good work, I love them.