Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Candy Box

Here's a baby candy box I made using the leftovers from the baby diaper cake. The lollipops are made with burpcloths and baby spoons, wrapped in cellophane. The truffles are (large) burpcloths using the same method for the lollipops, minus the spoon and cellophane. The smaller truffles are baby socks, folded once length wise and I used 2 of different colors. The caramel is a bib rolled and wrapped in tissue and cellophane. All the candies were placed in a photo box I picked up at Joann's. The truffles were placed in paper cupcake cups, regular for the larger truffles, mini for the smaller truffles.

Here is the link to the washcloth lollipops, I replaced the wooden stick with a baby spoon instead...more useful I think! http://www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.com/washcloth-lollipop.html

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