Sunday, April 27, 2008

Diaper Cake

I've waited a long time to be invited to a baby shower so I could make a diaper cake! So here's mine for a baby boy. I've been asked quite a bit on how to make them and the cost associated with it, so you can download video instructions from youtube (search under diaper cake and you'll get plenty of videos) or you can go to this site for complete step by step instructions. And for the baby wash cloth roses here: and for the baby sock roses here:

The cost for this particular cake was about $ looks a lot more expensive than it is (and if you google them already made they are REALLY expensive, but there are some great ideas out there!) Here's the breakdown:

  • Pizza pan from Dollar Tree store for base $1
  • 1 pkg of size 2 diapers (appx 50) from CVS $10
  • 1 pkg wash cloths $3
  • 2 pkgs of socks $6
  • 1 stuffed toy for top $5
  • ribbon (had on hand)
  • rubber bands (had on hand)
  • silk leaves (I plucked these off of dollar store floral bouquets)

I plan on wrapping it in cellophane to give to the mommy to be... I also had some leftovers (I got a little overzealous in my shopping) and am making a "candy box" of the extra socks, washcloths, burb cloths and bibs...I'll post a pick when I finish it along with the instructions for the "candy".

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