Friday, August 21, 2009

New home share

I know many of our relatives wanted a sneak peek as to what our new home is going to look like, so I "borrowed" the stock pictures and here's what we have. I didn't realize until I JUST looked at the picture that we chose the same outside colors on our home (wanted to match the barn) as the one in the photo is...and I like good for us :)
Here's the picture of the kitchen...we went with black appliances to go with our stainless steal referigerator (it's a scratch n dent it!) The only thing we didn't get is the backsplash on the counters...Here's the floorplan (click on the picture for a better view), although we had to have it reversed so that we can enter the utility room on the opposite end...the model we went into was the floorplan as drawn, and I've seen OUR floorplan, now I just have to get my brain to ADJUST to the floorplan as we'll have it! LOL...

Anyway, our move out date is Monday and we're crashing with Kevin's grandparents (also our neighbors) for a few weeks...not sure what kind of internet connection I'm going to bear with me for a bit while I try to get things sorted out! Thanks for looking...have a great weekend!

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mamichelle said...

This looks fantastic! Congrats to you! Looks like you have a nice big living/family room which is a major plus in my book. Good luck with your temp living!