Monday, November 22, 2010

Papertrey Ink meet Cake

Now as some of you may know...I'm a Papertrey Ink junkie...they are my "go to" sets...and what do I do when I'm stumped for ideas for decorating a cake...go hide out in my rubber room and get inspired... and that's what Papertrey Ink's "Wreath for all Seasons" did...inspired my Thanksgiving cake below. This is a devil's food cake, the chocolate buttercream icing and a rasperry jam filling (TIP: to get a jam type filling to setup nicely, 1st make a ring of icing about 1/4" from the cake's edge, being sure that it is a completely solid ring. 2nd ADD a box of jello that is the same flavor as your jam. I used seedless raspberry (Smuckers) and added a box of raspberry jello... I micorwaved the jam for 60 seconds, stirred and then continued microwaving in 30 second increments until the jam was liquidy...I then poured it all into a bowl, added the jello and then put approximately 1/2 on the cake. I then put the cake in the refer for about 15 - 20 minutes...long enough for the jam to solidify some, I then added the second layer). I then iced my cake with buttercream icing and then I melted some chocolate candy wafers and piped my grapevine wreath on top. I then melted some red candy wafers and made my "berries". Then I added my shell border. Thanks for joining me today!

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Ellie said...

Hi Paula! So happy to see one of your posts again, even if not a card! This cake looks so yummy, in fact my little girl (4) just said mom I wish I could break the computer and get that cake out LOL.
What a great way to get your cake decor inspiration from!
Loved the other cakes and especially that cupcake flowerpot too.