Friday, March 2, 2012

Zebra themed cake turned horse sale

So, occassionally one of my hobbies pays for itself... and I'm not talking that I made stellar amounts of money on the cake itself... this cake ended up making us a horse sale.. it all started with my cakes I post on facebook, mom saw (at the time an old acquaintane) one of my cakes and wanted something similar for her daughter's upcoming birthday...and well let's add some sugar cookies too... so that got them watching my facebook page.  I put on a short video of a horse we had for sale, and well the rest is history...I'll post photos of the new owners and their "new" horse.  It's a funny funny world sometimes!  Anyway, below is her cake (made for 60 people)... hot pink, zebra themed and her old horse on top... the frosting is cream cheese....yummy...I'm gaining a lb. just thinking about that's my fav!

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