Monday, December 1, 2008

We're Back...

...and I had a great and horrible weekend all at the same time!

The great part was, we had a fabulous horse show, everyone was so relaxed, we worked hard, but it all paid off. EVERY client walked away with either money, points or prizes (and some of them all THREE!), so I'm pretty sure everyone went home happy. We had a pitch in Thanksgiving dinner, which was fabulous! No one left hungry, that's for sure!

And the horrible part, my grandmother passed away while I was at the show. I knew she was not in the best of health, but she was an awesome grandma! She's the sole reason I'm into papercrafting...she introduced me to Mrs. Grossman's stickers (she worked at Hallmark, which I thought was the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! and brought them home), she'd sticker up all the envelopes when she sent me cards and this is the grandmother that did the birthday calendars. She's also the grandma that would take me to Knott's Berry Farm and ride the rollercoasters with cool is that? So many memories, I will miss her terribly.
And for those wondering where I get my sense of humor...
This is my grandmother at her 80th birthday party (always clowning around)...and below she was queen for a day!

I'll have a thrifty Christmas item to show later today, that I don't have quite done yet, but I have returned... until later! Ciao for now!

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mamichelle said...

Paula, I'm so sorry for your loss! She sounds like she was a wonderful grandmother! Big hugs to you.