Monday, June 16, 2008

A Model in the Making

So who says models have to be tall and leggy? If your furry and cute, you've got potential...well at least according to the dog photographer that was at the horse show we attended this last week. My Jack Russell Terrorist LOVED the camera, he was quite the natural! Not afraid of any of the props and very curious with the squeeky toys the assistant had (everytime she squeeked one, he ran over to her to play with it...oops!). The photographer was so pleased with my JRT's pictures that she actually used one as a he's got potential (wink!)...and it's funny because he was not supposed to come to this horse show with us, he was supposed to stay home, but he got into a tangle with a kitty and a bite wound abscessed, so instead of my female red heeler, he got to come in her place. Quite frankly I think he scammed us...but the pics turned out cute!


mamichelle said...

What a handsome little guy! I love that he poses for the camera!

Gaynol said...

Adorable....they are so cute when they aren't raining down terror on the household! You could no sooner get my dog to pose for a picture than you could find affordable gas.