Monday, November 9, 2009

Digital Tuesday Challenge: Holiday Wishes

Oh, it's that most Won.Der.Ful tiiiiiimmmme of the year (ding dong, ding dong....). GUESS who's feeling better? Yup...ME! (BIG GRIN!).

Now I'm going to have to hi-jack this post for just a moment to wish my dh a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Chances are he won't read it, but I'm still going to wish it for him! Since we've both been sick and our anniversary was 2 days ago (celebrated with take out chinese and Nyquil...LOL)...I'm going to try and do a little something special for him today...IF I can pull it off..we shall see how our days goes...hmmm.... ok, back to our regularly scheduled program..

This week on the Digital Tuesday Challenge our challenge was to get ready for Christmas! Our sponsor this week is the talented Dustin Pike (be sure to stalk his blog, he gives GREAT freebies away!) I love to make special packaging for Christmas, so I decided to make a fun little bag, I know I used this same image for last weeks challenge, but when I made this bag I was STILL under the flu mojo-sucker you'll have to BEAR with me!

Thanks for looking...recipe IS below today!


June Nelson said...

Paula this is absolutely beautiful I love the colours you have used xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! This is just adorable!! I so love that fabulous "fur" around the treat!! Gorgeous creation!! HUGS