Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Digital Tuesday Challenge: It's All About Animals

Not too long ago I reached a heart breaking decision, I needed to sell my beloved horse, Boo (short for Boots and Saddles). It had been at least a year since he had been shown, as my life became nothing but lessons, training other horses, showing others horses and horse show judging. So, there sat Boo...doing, well the equivalant of being a couch potato. A young horse, with so much potential and my schedule just unable to squeeze him in. As many of you know, the cobblers kids have no shoes and the trainers horse just doesn't get ridden, it just happens. So we put him up for sale, had a couple of close calls but no one just seemed to adore him the way I (we) did. He's quirky, full of personality, if you stand next to him and have a zipper coat on he'll zip and unzip you...you know, he's quirky!
So, it was decided we'd take him to the largest, single breed horse show of the year ( and this is the largest horse show in the country)...to the All American Quarter Horse Congress and try to get him sold there. It was really tough hanging all his sale flyers and I didn't do it w/o much gusto and really only put about 1/4 of the up...my heart wasn't in it...
AND wouldn't you know it the very next morning the phone rang, a very nice woman has a daughter who's show horse has tons of feet problems and they were looking for a replacement, can we come see him? Sure, now I've been through the sale "song and dance" before, lots of lookee loo's and not much buyers and since the economy wasn't in the best shape, this is what I expected, they'd come look, and leave...that's just the way the horse business is... So I rode Boo a couple of times around a super crowded ring for them, hoping they got a couple of glimpses of him as I rode him around, and then asked if the daughter wanted to try...they said yes, and she seemed to get along with him pretty good and better yet, he got along with her pretty good and she rode and rode and rode and she smiled and smiled and smiled. FINALLY we got her off the horse and walked back to the stall, chatting about Boo and his quirkiness. Her mother said, we'll see....they walked away from the stalls...and I took a quick peek around the corner to see if they were "really" interested and I could read their body language...they were excited! Not long after, he was purchased by them and now resides in Canada (I joke and say Boo's now "international"). I get regular updates from them and we're facebook friends, I still miss my Boo, but he went to the absolutely best home I could hope for! So if you made it through this... this IS the reason I made this weeks card, it's a picture of Boo and his new owner...oh, the picture below is Boo and underneath HIM is the card...so thanks for bearing with me through this and I hope you enjoy the card!
Our sponsor to the Digital Tuesday Challenge this week is Digital Stamp Oasis. Our challenge was to make an animal card, below is Boo and his new owner...in image and ink.
  • Digital Image: Shire by Mo Manning
  • Stamps: Happy Valentines Day by Studio G, Circle by Autumn Leaves
  • Punches: EK Success; Apron Lace Border Punch, Circle. Stampin Up; Scallop. Posh Impressions; Hearts
  • Other: Copics, Ribbon, Glitter, Pop Dots


mamichelle said...

Awwww, that is so sweet, Paula! sniff, sniff...I'm really glad he got the right home. That had to be hard for you!

Paula Gale said...

Hi, just bloghopping and came across your blog and just had to read your story about Boo. What a sad story with a happy ending - you've done the best thing for him and what a fitting card.

Thanks for sharing your story

Paula x x x