Monday, July 14, 2008

And you thought MY legs were hairy....'s the night before we leave for another horse show (this one for only 6 days...only...hahaha!) So today was a flurry of activity, washing horses, clipping faces, clipping their hairy legs...and the next time I gripe about shaving my legs, I'll think twice, I don't have NEAR as much hair as the horses....and mine are MUCH easier to shave! I also stand still while I'm doing it.... tee hee! So let's see, everyone got their whiskers shaved off, their grandpa ear hair removed and their legs waxed (err I mean clipped) and then several of them got Bob Marley dread locks (ie got their manes braided). I wish we were done, I have ungodly amounts of laundry to do and a house to clean (I hate coming home to a dirty house)...and we still haven't found a horse sitter for the remainder of our equine charges. Nothing like leaving it to the last's fair week here, so all of our help is at fair showing their animals. You'd think someone would want to earn $25/day for 1 hours worth of work...(rolling my eyes) would think, wouldn't you? Good thing grandpa lives next door and we are taking 75% of the barn with us.
Oh well, I need to get going, loads of laundry is calling my name...and probably SHOULD go and shave my legs, no need to be hairier than the horses eh?

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mamichelle said...

hehe, too funny! Hope you got yours done!