Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miniature Fireworks

Did everyone enjoy the fireworks last night? We can view 3 different shows from our front yard, but my favorite fireworks are IN our front yard...fireflies. K thinks I'm nuts, but I didn't grow UP with fireflies and I love looking over the fields and seeing them light up...there are thousands. I've tried to catch them on my camera, but it never catches more than just a mere few at a time from the thousands that are seen, so no pictures! I just love their little twinkling lights as we drive to or from somewhere in the evening.
The dogs didn't mind the "actual" fireworks until we went inside and heard the booming as they shot them off...Spanky felt the need to "woof" with each launch...I think he would be hoarse this a.m.!
So that was our 4th of July...fairly to speak!

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mamichelle said...

Oh cool! I love fireflies. We used to catch them in jars. We have lots of them here in MA.