Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a week!

Or should I say, more like 8 days... The show went fairly well, everyone got their name called and we figured out a few of the problems some of the clients were having in the show pen. I made my debut as a Pro...I've got a LOT to learn! However, I didn't embarass myself.

We had one horse go lame, but got the problem solved, now we just have to wait on mother nature to take it's course, so we let the owner (a 15 y.o. girl) show one of the horse's we brought along for Kevin to show and she ended up with 3 1st's and a 2nd... which inspired another client to purchase the horse. So that was good and surprising, all at the same time.

The hours were long, 13-15 hour days, but I think everyone had a pretty good time! K borrowed everyone's scooters, I really liked him on the pink scooter, however didn't get a picture of it.

Here's ONE THING I learned while I was there...never put fix a flat in a flat wheelbarrow tire or a scooter will blow out! and it's messy to boot!

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