Friday, July 11, 2008

A Flea Ring Circus

Since returning from our week long horse show, I've noticed the dogs scratching...they were given their flea medicine before we left, but apparently all of the swimming in the lake wore it off and they came home with a few, ummm, "pets". Now it took me several days...actually K yelling at the dogs to quit moving the bed (one would be leaning on the bedframe scratching away) for me to actually notice and about 3 days to remember to go and GET the stupid medicine...I've had a lot on my mind.
So after sending off the last client last night, I took a breather in the recliner and Spanky took his spot right next to me when I saw it....Fleas doing their trapeze acts off of his back...ugh! A simple flip here, a swing and a catch there, well you get the idea. So K wants to purchase dinner instead of waiting on me to make it and I get the brilliant idea to swing by and get some flea medicine. We get dinner AND flea medicine and now the fun REALLY begins.
For SOME reasons the dogs DETEST the flea medicine, you have to apply a vial size of oily medicine from their collar to their hineys. So the chasing begins, it's always easy to get the first dog because they have NO CLUE IT's COMING! However, the other two, clued in on the smell, now KNOW and I'm left chasing dogs around the house, hiding behind, underneath and just plain out squeezing around furniture.
Now the heelers are fairly easy to corner and conquer, they are too big and too slow to get too far too fast, however Spanky proves to be his own problem altogether. He can dash under the bed, behind the recliner and I'm beginning to feel like a cutter (this is a horse that keeps cattle from going back to the herd), so he darts left, I dart left, he darts right, I dart right. Yelling at him, bribing him...all no go's. Finally with some minor help from K, I get him cornered and apply his medicine.
He gives me this (what did I do to deserve this look as only dogs can) and went and hid in the bedroom as the living room is no longer acceptable since it is being occupied by ME, the flea medicine wielding caretaker. I can live with that title I suppose... as long as his little circus moves their traveling show elsewhere!

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mamichelle said...

LOL, that was hysterical. Sorry, I know it wasn't for you but the visual I got was a riot!