Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Melting....'s muggy today, kind of one of those days where you step out of the shower and you feel like you didn't really ever get dry, type of days. It wasn't brutally hot (although if you asked my showmanship student who had to jog circles, she'd say otherwise!), but hot enough to break a good sweat while cleaning horse stalls!
Really not much new in this arena, made another diaper cake for a gift for my younger cousin, other than that, same ol' same ol'. I need to do some major organizing and I've tried to do that on my (ha ha) day off (somehow lessons keep showing up), so I'll be making up a Lessons Policy to send out with the next bill cycle, so HOPEFULLY our day off, will be just that...a DAY OFF! Well until more exciting things happen...later dude!

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mamichelle said...

Ewww....we had that kind of day yesterday. It's not a whole lot better today but some.