Monday, August 11, 2008

All in a days work.

We just returned home from a fantastic weekend of showing. Our barn collected 30ish points on all horses combined (and for those that aren't in the "biz" you have to beat 5 horses for every ONE we beat over 150 horses!) K won some major classes over some trainers he's been showing against for pretty much put him on cloud 9!
I showed two nice horses, one I had to school as it was being naughty for his 13 y.o. owner in my class, so I didn't place (although he rode better for her later, mission accomplished!).
The other horse (shown below) is one in the barn K has been training, but asked me to show for the clients. I did and won my class under BOTH JUDGES! (of course I WAS the only one in my class *wink!*, so if I didn't place first, then I fell off, LOL), but it was good exposure for the horse, and gave K and the clients some insight of things to come from the horse...his name is Phoenix by the way and his coloring is "red dun". The man I'm talking to is our old farrier and he's quite the chatterbox...anyway, we had a good weekend. Everyone is tired...the horses are exhausted (in fact one was so tired she ate her breakfast laying down this a.m.!). So, I'm gonna catch up on my email and my other blog. Enjoy the pics!


mamichelle said...

Wow, congrats to you both!!

Angie said...

Great job. You are living the life that my dd wants to live. She has asked for years for a horse from Santa and we just haven't been able to. So she says that when she grows up shes getting a job to where she can have a horse!LOL

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!