Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How was your Labor Day?

Did you have fun? Have a cook out? We actually LABORED...LOL...well we worked at any rate...but it's all good, the clients all had a good time (I think...) and then Aunt Jody came over to Grandma and Grandpa's house, so we went over there after work for a mini-family reunion (we don't get to see K's uncles and aunts and cousins all that often) and sat around and talked and raided Grandma's refrigerator, yum!

This was our last weekend at home for awhile...we'll be "on the road" from here on out until the first weekend of October and then we'll be gone for two weeks to the All American Quarter Horse Congress...the Largest Single Breed horse show in the WORLD! It's in Columbus Ohio (you can take a look at it at www.OQHA.com). It's quite the horse show and draws people in from all over the country.

Well toodles for now...

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mamichelle said...

Glad you had fun after laboring!

We had my son, his gf and their puppy over for a cookout. It was very relaxing.