Friday, September 19, 2008

They're Back.....

...and no I'm not talking about Poltergeist's. The weather has turned a little cooler a little earlier than normal this year, and this is a BADDDDDD sign.

So I'm sitting at this computer, surfing my favorite stamping mojo blogs and I hear the trash rustle behind me. Just KNOWING that it's Spanky (and with a name like Spanky, doesn't that just spell TROUBLE? He was named Spanky because he was a "little rascal"...which still proves correct to this day) getting into the trash YET AGAIN, I start yelling at him. Normally he stops immediately, but this time he didn't. So I kept yelling at him...not turning around, just telling him to knock it off and GET OUT OF THE TRASH!

Then I happen to look to my right (where our sofa is) and he's in his spot on the couch looking at me with that "what did I do?" look...and I STILL hear rustling in the trash can...then I think, ok which OTHER dog is in there...nope they are all in the sofa I actually get up and go for a look-see.... yeah, he's there...Mickey MOUSE...who immediately hopped up over the can and ran under my oven...sigh... I've got my trap set, but it looks like he doesn't like gum drops and I'm out of rice crispy treat's and I'll be danged if I'm making an ENTIRE batch for a mouse (because the bigger mice in this house will have the ENTIRE pan eaten in a really is a killer on our diet!...LOL)...although I'm just SURE he'd love it! I'm just hoping I scared him enough that he's decided there's better places to scrounge around for food instead of our trash!


mamichelle said...

Oh, poor Spanky! Got into trouble for nothing! LOL

Eeewwww on Mickey. I'd put some cheese on a trap and catch the little bugger (or...I'd have dh do it).

Gaynol said...

Oh no! Not again! Any chance you can convince Spanky he's a mouser??