Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Reluctant Purchase

So we know we've needed a new truck for about 6 months...the old one was slowly dieing. It finally did this week, the day before we were to leave for a show. Now one of our customers has contacts...and when I mean she has contacts, all she has to do is make a phone call and it's done. For example, we're going to go look at a horse in Minnesota, she wasn't happy with the commercial flights she was finding, one of her friends is flying us on his private plane next when something needs to be done, one phone call and she's got it done. So last week, before the death of our truck, she saw the truck below sitting in her friend's lot and had him bring it by for us to try out...we did and didn't really give it too much though...nice truck, great price, but mostly a "dream" truck...we wanted to make ours limp along for another 6 months...well guess what...all that duct tape and bailing twine ain't getting us to the next horse show and the repairs needed are more than the truck is you understand our dilema. So we reluctantly purchased this new's bigger...all the way around, big motor, bigger cab, etc... and we got it for the same price we paid for our old truck 4 years it was a deal too...anyway, we reluctanly purchased it 6 months sooner than we actually wanted to...oh IS PRETTY...LOL

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Gaynol said...

Ohhhh pretty! I bet it still smells like a new car too!