Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Mystery Release and Life in the Fast Lane

Hi Everyone! First, Dustin Pike needed to slow things down a little, so we don't have our usual weekly release BUT he still has a MYSTERY FREEBIE if you just hop on over to his blog... he put this freebie up and even those of us on the DT didn't know what it it was a BIG SURPRISE to us all, but I promise you, you're gonna love it...and get ready for more of that...a LOT more of that...he's been busy behind the scenes and now the DT will be as well if you're a big Dustin Pike fan, get ready for next week and the next releases...very...umm.... COOL!

Life in the Fast Lane; Dustin hasn't been the only one busy, it seems like my life's transmission has just found it's 6th and 7th gear. Very few of you know, that I took on a part time job (in addition to horse trainig) and my hours have been, um...expanding...LOL. I have also taken a step back from horse showing, a slight step, but since I'm not showing I'm now judging the shows, which is exciting, scary and I love it! It is LONG, LONG days in the sun, my feet and back kill me from standing for about 12 - 14 hours, but it is very rewarding...and very interesting being in the judges boots for awhile. I think I'm going to continue on with it, I've had some really positive feedback on my judging ability, so I think I'm going to stick with it for awhile. I equate being the judge is kind of like being the bride, everyone is pretty much at your beck and call...LOL...ok, maybe litterally! LOL... I also have a few more things going on in the background, so I feel like maybe I've hit the turbo lane on life's highway...LOL...Anyway, I've got another exciting thing to share, but it will be a couple of months yet (no mom, we're NOT expecting) anyway, things are moving pretty fast here! Well need to run, got a project on the brain I've got to get done!

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mamichelle said...

Good luck getting it all done!

Got the mystery freebie from Dustin and I loved it!!