Sunday, June 22, 2008

So you're expecting a tip?

I did a rare thing yesterday, I went and got my hair cut. It's not that I don't WANT to get my hair cut, it's just when I have time, the line at the hair place seems to be wrapped around the building (ok, not THAT bad, but you KNOW what I mean) if I get my hair cut every 3 months, I'm a pretty happy camper. I've got a fairly simply hair style, long and slap it into a ponytail the majority of the time. K likes my hair long, it's easy, the hair stylist can usually take off what she wants to and it doesn't bother me as long as I can slip an elastic band around it...I'm good! So I found that we were a little slow with lessons at the barn and knowing that this will probably be my only shot at get my tresses beautified, I head to the beauty shop. I look in the window, 2 stylists are sitting in their chairs WAITING for customers...this is a good sign to and out and back before I'm missed. Now since this was a last minute decision, I decide to forgo the traditional wash and cut and just go with the "cut". So I tell her what I want, I listen to her spiel about needing a malibu (yes I KNOW I need one, I just don't have the 1 1/2 hours TODAY to do one, so let's get on with it). So she pulls out your standard comb, a comb that little boys use, and attempts to pull it through my hair. Now I'm not gonna say my hair was a rats nest, it wasn't, it's just that I have baby fine hair and a LOT of's like brushing cotton candy most days, so I'm used to using some force and pulling out knots, I'm no weanie when it comes to my head.
So this gal starts and combs and combs and combs (usually at this point MOST stylists pull out the detangler, but not my gal, she gets kudos for keeping on trying). So she's combing and combing and combing and at first she's pretty gentle, but then she start getting frustrated, I can tell because the tugs are getting harder, the comb is ripping more hair and it's starting to hurt. So I let her go for a little while and ABOUT when I'm gonna say something, she gets the big toothed comb (whew!)...but she does not go back to her "gentle" way, she really starts pulling and combing. Now at this point she was cutting also and we were about 1/2 way through the hair cut, but the more she combed the hotter my face was getting and my eyes starting watering and I'm ALMOST threw up the pain was so bad. Then she starts in about hard water and blah blah blah and all I'm thinking about is the pain in my head and do I:
  1. Endure to finish the haircut?
  2. Say something and hope she is just unaware of the extreme pain she is causing me?
  3. Tell her put down the comb, we're done?

Well, I went with #1 (knowing that I'm short on time and we're leaving for a week long horse show in 2 days), tears in my eyes, face red and thinking of every horrendous thing I could to befall this woman and praying that this will end and soon! At some point she asked me a question and did become aware of the pain she was causing, but she didn't let up much. I endured, I knew this was my last chance for a hair cut and she was doing a good "cut" job, she was just torturing me in the process!

My haircut was 2 days scalp is still sore! I did leave her a tip (I have worked in the service industry and know how lousy things can be), but I wasn't as generous as I normally am. I think I'll avoid her like the plague the next time! I'll find someone else that won't take out their frustrations on my cotton candy hair and my now sore, scalp!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My First Official Diaper Cake Order

Well, I've got my first order for a diaper cake! It's a good friend, she dropped off a huge bag of diapers and several bags of clothing... so far I've got the diaper cake made, 4 vases of baby onesie bouquets, 2 boxes of baby "buns" and I'm working on the lollipops. I've had a blast making them! She wanted a non-cutesy theme and brown/blue hues, she also purchased the topper for the's a willow tree box, I only used the lid though, but thought it came out nice, without being overly cute! Here's some pictures to go with:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bittersweet News

After much deliberation and several years of debating, I have decided to give up my amateur card, so now I'm a "pro", which means sadly, I'll be selling my horse Boo, as I will be showing clients horses instead of my own. I'm rather heart broken about it, but I'd like to see him have a job and use his natural talent instead of rot in a stall. So, while I'm excited to venture into my new "career", I'm sad that I will have to say goodbye to Boo, I'll just have to find him a great home!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Model in the Making

So who says models have to be tall and leggy? If your furry and cute, you've got potential...well at least according to the dog photographer that was at the horse show we attended this last week. My Jack Russell Terrorist LOVED the camera, he was quite the natural! Not afraid of any of the props and very curious with the squeeky toys the assistant had (everytime she squeeked one, he ran over to her to play with it...oops!). The photographer was so pleased with my JRT's pictures that she actually used one as a he's got potential (wink!)...and it's funny because he was not supposed to come to this horse show with us, he was supposed to stay home, but he got into a tangle with a kitty and a bite wound abscessed, so instead of my female red heeler, he got to come in her place. Quite frankly I think he scammed us...but the pics turned out cute!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The White Blizzard

Well, it's that time of year again, where I will scar young children for life, give elderly people heart attacks and send everyone else running the other way. Yes, it's time to dawn my shorts. Now it's not that I don't have somewhat shapely legs or that I have scars or unsightly veins, no, no, I have something much much worse! My legs are blizzard white, yes, yes, I know they have tanning beds, I know there are self tanning oils/lotions, etc. etc.. However I have found that with the self tanning lotions/oils that it always looks "orange" least on me... The tanning bed wrinkles my "young" (quit laughing) body. So, I subject everyone to my blizzard white legs... after their retina's recover, they get over it... and quite frankly, I'm waaaaay more if you think you saw a blizzard walk by you in the's just me.... in. shorts.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Camera Found!

Well apparently my wayward camera enjoyed the wedding reception so much it stayed a couple of nights at the reception location...and enjoyed a graduation party also! The bride and groom now have the camera and I should be getting it back this week....whew...mystery solved!

We're leaving this week to go to the state show, so we'll be busy busy busy getting ready before we go and then we'll be gone for almost a week. I'm looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time. It's a LOT of work, and I worry about the animals left behind, not in our direct care. We'll be leaving the hounds of hell behind this time also and that worries me also, they don't always do as well when we're not home. So fingers crossed that everyone survives our absence.

Well need to run, lots of work to do before we leave!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Diaper Cake Central

Ok, I've decided on about 3 fund raising ideas. My first will be to open an Etsy shop selling Diaper Cakes, so I've been busy watching sales, clipping coupons (for diapers) and getting great deals for accessories to put on diaper cakes. At the wedding this weekend, I was able to hit Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann's for diaper cake supplies...K asked if I was hoarding for the future...LOL...silly man!
I have also decided to go forward with the Crop to Adopt scrapbooking crop. More info on that as I move forward with this.
K is stepping up to the plate and is going to make some specialty type halters (war bridles for those that are "in the know") to sell at horse shows.
So my kitchen and living room are an explosion of diapers, onesies and cute baby stuff...and oh, I've already got my first order (I'm so excited!). So now I've got to come up with a good Etsy shop name, so far I've come up with Le Bebe or Patty Cakes...I'm leaning towards Le Bebe because I want to make some chic cakes! This also opens up the door for other baby products. If you have any name suggestions for me, I'm all ears!

27 Dresses...errr Tuxes....

Seems we've been doing wedding stuff and wedding stuff and wedding stuff for the last 3 months. K has been in two weddings and this last weekend, was the best man. The wedding this weekend was an outdoor wedding and was just beautiful, the couple was married along the lake. For the most part the wedding went smoothly from a guest's point of view, the bride had a few last minute adjustments, but it all came together (doesn't it always?)
The funniest thing is that the reception and wedding were at a home (w/horses), alongside their barn was the food the entire time people were filling their plates, two horses had their heads hanging over their doors looking for attention or hand outs...LOL As soon as my MIA camera is found, I'll post a picture or two.