Sunday, August 21, 2011

Horse Cake

Ok, so far, this is by far, my favorite cake I've done... Horse related, pink, me...this was for my 10 year old lesson client... it's a replica of her horse... she was thrilled with it!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Murphy's Law - I got a good dose!

So I was lamenting over stupid comment someone said that made me feel bad, I decided to just go about my reason to get bogged down by stupidity, right?
So while Kevin is warming up a horse for a client to ride, I sat making small talk with her and her mother, then all of a sudden the SKY FELL ON MY HEAD! I heard a scream (not my own) and was covered in bird poop, eggs (ouch! one broke) and hay....a bird's nest had fallen from the ceiling of our indoor arena... gag! So a quick change and wash up later, we're good to go.
I get a text "will you make a cake for Claire for this weekend's horse show?" Panic sets in...I'm already obligated to 2 other cakes, 6 dozen cookies and we have a barn full of horses to prep (i.e. LONG hours), but they DID just BUY a horse through us, and she's 9 and CAN I say no? I mean really? and her mom is so sigh...I agree... and of course they choose flavors I don't have the ingredients for... so it's 9:30ish p.m. and we decide to make a Wal-Mart run. I shower, throw on my new shorts and I'm good to all over Wal-Mart and get back into our truck just to realize that the size sticker was stuck to my butt and ran half way down my leg! least I most likely blended right in...LOL

and psst...I've got a blog just for Cookies and Cakes.... Cookie Couture (take a look)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Seriously, how cute is this?

Occassionally my mother in law finds something I didn't know I just absolutely had to have until she gives it to me. Now I have to admit that my chihuahua Bella is her favorite out of all of our dogs...and what can I say... Bella has won a photo contest for most adorable (thanks to her other grandma...she's a popular girl!). Anyway, every girl needs a great and stylish suitcase...especially if the most thing you need is your own stylish doggie dishes! LOL...ha .. LOVE IT!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Cookie Mania Month...

So I've been a little busy in the kitchen...and I still have a cake to finish! :)

These cookies are for the cake...the cake is for a tomato farmer...

Monday, July 25, 2011

What they DON'T mention about Horse Show Judging

For the last 3 or so years, I have embarked on a new adventure...the adventure of Horse Show Judging. Now it's mostly just open shows and the county fairs (I am not what is considered a "carded" judge, so I can't judge breed shows), but here's what they don't tell you when you first start judging.
One of the perks of judging is that you're like the bride and her wedding, they can't start without you and you've got people running around seeing after you (do you need a water? what do you think about this? Should we do that?)'s fabulous...really...makes one feel VERY important.
But also being the bride, err judge, is that you can't make everyone happy all the time, like 4-H parents. Boy they can come on with a vengence if they feel their child was "wronged", and usually the parents of the unjustly "wronged" child are ususally the most clueless ones of all and want to argue about the most trivial things, when in all reality, had they read the RULE BOOK they wouldn't be arguing with the judge in the first place. These are also the parents that wonder WHY you don't have eyes in the back of the head to see one of the winners that had a mistake behind your back!
They also don't tell you...the show NEVER EVER starts on time...doesn't matter if the judge arrives 1 hour or 10 minutes prior...the show is at least ALWAYS 10 minutes behind schedule!
The judge has the extreme power of making a show go quickly or dragging it on (for what seems like days to some).
The judge also is taking their life into their own hands...don't believe me? Try standing in the arena with 20 out of control 4-Hr's running their horses almost on top of you (and then TRY to place the class).
They also don't tell you that it's not as hot as you'd think...and time passes's midnight already? really?
Most of the time you are up as early or earlier than the exhibitors to arrive (they usually hire "semi" local 1 to 2 hours away)
Yeah, judging has some pitfalls, trials and tribulations...I still like it...must be all that "power"...ha!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Barbie Cake and Cookies to match!

Got an order from a friend for a Barbie and what little girl doesn't LOVE Barbie? I loved mine when I was a child, although I found them frustrating because they couldn't straddle my Breyer horses...Barbie was always askew! LOL The fondant roses are covering a major seam...although I think it added a nice touch... I also glittered the whole cake with edible glitter. The cake is chocolate with white buttercream.

And here are the cookies to go with the cake... I was told pink, purple and zebra striped. So I did purses, shoes, lipstick, nail polish bottles, sunglasses, birthday cakes, balloons and a few funky flowers... hope they love it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cookie Creations

The word has spread...and I'm getting more and more orders for sugar cookies...and cakes too... here are a few of my latest "batches"

Cookies for a bridal shower....
Cookies for a graduation (they wanted a "princess" theme)...loved writing her name...all those loopes! It was my understanding that the graduate guarded the cookies so she could have some later...LOL... apparently she didn't guard heavily enough...they were all gone!

I was talking with my mom on the phone the other day... and we were discussing "diet" issues... and she said to me, "I'm surprised you have to watch your weight as active as you are"... LOL.. well, I DO have to sample EACH BATCH of cookies that goes out of here...LOL... Too bad they don't make calorie free butter and sugar....mmmmmm.... makes me yearn for a cookie...LOL

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Papertrey Ink Contest

Papertrey Ink is having a contest wanting you to pick your favorite PTI project from last's one I haven't shared yet, that really is actually my favorite...I like the simplicity of it...

I gave this card and a star cookie to each of our horse training clients at our annual was a lot of fun to make...and everyone kept asking me if I "made" these...LOL...anyway...this is one of my favorite project of 2010!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Beginnings

Dh's cousin and his wife recently had a their road has been worriesome and exhausting! They do finally have their little precious, bundle of joy at home, however now the long nights of feedings comes into to make at least a few nights a little sweeter I sent them over a platter of some of these:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So I've found yet another hobby....oh the sweet goodness

Now, what pray tell, could I have gotten myself it as of yet....yummy sugar cookies! I always HATED making sugar cookies, the flour, the rolling, the mess and then the icing and everything getting sticky...ICK! I've found a NEW recipe, where rolling the dough with flour is unnecessary (roll it between two sheets of wax paper and the refrigerate it), so much neater...and I've purchased rolling pin rings! So much easier to get even dough! Anyway, I've had a great time with another creative outlet!
Valentine's Purse, Hope Ribbon, Heart
Valentines Panties Bra Boxer Short Lingerie Lips
Valentine HeartsValentine's Hearts
Valentine Cupcake and Cowboy Boot

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Candy Winner!

Thank you to all who participated...and now... our winner, picked with the Random Generator (sorry I don't know how to screen capture)

Lois aka Kate's Mom

Congratulations and thank you again for all who stopped by!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Made with Heart Blog Hop

Welcome to another stop on the Made with Heart Blog Hop...if this is your first place to stop, why not go back to the beginning with Kirstin? I'm sure you'll be impressed!
I've got several projects to show you today, so I hope you enjoy...
My first project is a Valentines Day card, using the same stamp set I'm giving away this weekend (hint hint), so be sure to check out my ENTIRE post to see how YOU can have a chance to win this lovely set by Martha Stewart. This card encompasses a vine of roses on a trellis...I just love how this looks, these roses were quilled and are super easy to make! The vine is actually ribbon I purchased from Papertrey Ink...I just love how this turned out!...keep scrolling down...

Now is you have someone sweet but either is on a diet or doesn't have a sweet tooth, why not purchase a pen, a silk flower and some florist's tape and make theym a pretty pen? I topped this off with a pretty bow too!
Now I've got a fun project that the kids can help you with...a conversation hearts IPOD... This was a super easy project and you can find the instructions for it here...
And last but not least....the blog CANDY...leave me a comment with a favorite Valentine's Day memory you have.... and now onto your next hop... go see JENNY! (link fixed)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Made with Heart Blog Hop

Are you looking for some great Valentine's Day ideas? Starting this Saturday January 21, our Valentine's Day blog hop begins with 16 stops along the way....with prizes of course! Be sure to drop on by for all the fun!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Cake Obsession, Cake Pops

As some of you may know, I have a new obsession...all things cake! Which is rough on the ol' diet! However, I have a "share" today (not one of my own) case you've been hiding under a rock for the past few years, cake balls are one of the hottest growing "cake" trends going. You can make them into these adorable cake "pops" (or cake on a stick). I made these for the first time this year and my husband swears they are like ding dongs on steroids! LOL

The best directions I have found is on Bakerella's blog (view her photo below) PLUS she has a new book called Cake love love it!
Below is the book...I ordered my book off of amazon (and the photo below should take you right to amazon), however I have seen "briefly" these books in Wal*Mart...I say briefly because they have flown off the shelves! The book is VERY detailed with the instructions.....and such cute projects!
Ok, really, I'm getting to my point. Now I've made several of these cake pops, but have always had trouble making the cupcake looking pop... it never turns out they way I want...sigh... but wait no more, there is a new MOLD that makes it a ...well...piece of cake! LOL (drumroll please). You can purchase these molds at That site also has a video tutorial and a NO Bake cake pop recipe as well as a blog with adorable ideas...
So for those looking for a fun valentine's project for the kids or maybe just for yourselves...check it out... these are such fun...and a big favorite around my house!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stamptacular sunday Challenge: Sketch

I decided to join in on the Stamptacular Sunday Challenge this week...and their challenge this week is a sketch (shown below) Below is my take on the sketch...I decided to keep this clean and simple, easier to mail :) Thanks for looking!

  • Stamps: Papertrey Ink: Cupcake Collection, Signature Greetings
  • Paper: Hobby Lobby
  • Punch: Martha Stewart Arched Lattice
  • Die: Spellbinders Labels 4
  • Ink: CTMH Watermelon, Memento Tuxedo Black
  • Other: K & Company Heart Stickers