Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AHA! and they've been keeping it a secret, all these years!

Who knew? Why has this been kept top secret? Did you know that on aluminum foil (and saran wrap and wax paper) that there are little tabs you can push in that will keep your roll of aluminum foil from LEAPING to it's certain death on the floor? All these years I have had rolls of aluminum foil, saran wrap AND wax paper that continually tried to commit suicide by leaping out of their boxes and onto the floor and I could have prevented it! Who knew that some GENIUS gave aluminum foil a seat belt (he's probably a billionaire)! Why did no one ever tell me this fabulous little secret? Why do they not ADVERTISE it on TV, now THAT would be helpful instead of those goofy ladies in the lab coats! Here's a picture of what a tab looks like pushed in and not...maybe you can "save" your aluminum foil from certain demise and lock it into place also!

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