Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We worked the entire weekend, so not exactly rest for us. Most of it was working towards going to a horse show we didn't even go to! I'm pretty sure someone upstairs was adamant we stay home this weekend, we attempted to go to two different horse shows and made it to neither one. Lack of stall space at one facility and crummy looking weather (which of course turned out to be a beautiful day) kept us from the second.
We did manage to make a drive down to a clients home (3 hours one way) to look at K's show prospect for next year. Then we came home and made it to 2 out of 5 open house graduations we've been invited to. Open Houses are HUGE here in Hoosierland. My SIL and I were unaware of what a BIG DEAL these are, people hop from party to party the day after graduation to congratulate each graduate and snack at each home. We attended K's cousin's and the gal that's been cleaning our stall's, open houses, both were very well attended!
We also managed this weekend, to purchase an investment horse for next year. He goes by the name Ringo (yes, like Star, because the breeders expect him to be a "star"). So I'm sure once Ringo makes it home, I'll have some new adventures with him!
So, I think after our lesson giving, stall cleaning, show prepping, horse purchasing, prospect looking, open house hopping weekend, I'm tired...and I'm hitting the sack!

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