Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts

I've been busy making the blue bracelet on the left (actually I liked the one I made so much, I made another one)...I actually copied it after the one on the right, which I ordered and liked so well, that I wanted another one, but alas, I knew it would not get here in time for Mother's I scraplifted, but with jewelry. It was fun and easier than I imagined! I googled how to finish the ends (since the directions on the jewelry findings package were clear as mud) and am glad I did...the blue bracelet is actually the 2nd made...I couldn't get the first one finished at the end, so I had to remake it! NOW that I know what I'm doing, I would love to make more, now not only will I be stalking the scrapbook aisle when I shop at the craft stores, but the bead aisel as well...just what I need another addiction!

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