Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Flight of the Bumble Bee

We've all been there, you get that phone call..."hey, I'm in the neighborhood, mind if I stop over?" and then you do it, the flight of the bumble bee clean. Grabbing anything off of any surface and stuffing it in anything that has a door or drawer. Glancing at the clock and counting down the exact moments the unexpected guest is supposed to arrive thinking to yourself " can I get the floors cleaned, the living room dusted and hose down the bathroom?" And heaven forbid anyone steps in your way...this is PANIC MODE PEOPLE, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!!!! Grabbing Pledge, Fantastic, really anything the squirts and a rag, remembering to light that vanilla/cinammon candle and praying it covers up the mystery smell (for me, it was those stupid carrots in the refer...see previous posting on Mystery Smell), trying to vacuum around the hounds of hell while they attack the vacuum on 2 sides (while the largest dog hides in the bedroom). And I'm sweating it, wondering if I can make it clean enough to be presentable.
Now, I'm not a "horrible" housekeeper, but Martha Stewart I'm not (at least in the clean department). I have an artist's brain (have you ever notice that most artist's are a little cluttered?), so I'm happiest with SOME clutter, but what I'M happy with, is not necessarily COMPANY CLEAN.
So if you call me, because you're in "the hood"...give me a 1/2 hour, to make the homestead presentable and if I seem a little out of breath at the door...well you know, I was doing the flight of the bumble bee cleaning! But PLEASE come house probably needed a good straighten up anyway!

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