Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bronco Billy Strikes Again

Several weeks ago, one of the two year old horses (i.e. young horse, 1st year in training), bucked me off...and I felt like a complete idiot, didn't hurt anything really but my pride and got the wind knocked out of me (I was also sore for a couple of days)...well I dubbed this horse "Bronco Billy" (I got this name from a character in a stamping set...see scrapping/stamping are in my life all.the.time.)
Anyway, Sunday, K and I decided to take a few horses over to a friend's house, we had one horse for sale and 2 younger horses (Bronco Billy being one of them). We rode, and then it was Bronco Billy's turn, and boy was he looking GOOOOOOD, and then it happened, another horse was playing and Bronco Billy thought that looked like fun, so he went to hopping and broncing (think Bronc horses...it looked very much like a postcard), K stayed on for the 1st two rounds, but the 3rd round as K was coming down, Bronco Billy was going up and they met...we heard an OOOOF...and then K pitched off the side and landed fairly softly on the ground. Bronco Billy headed for the hills...
K now has a broken rib (11th rib on his back for those of you "in the know") and it's basically painful to BREATH...soooo....everything has fallen to me, and I mean everything...down to picking his shoes up off the floor because it's too painful to bend over to pick them up, to cleaning all the stalls, riding all the horses, packing everything for the upcoming horse show...well you catch my drift.
We leave for a 2 week horse show Friday, I'll have to prepare all the horses, pack and possibly show his "debut" horse at this horse show (that's killing him more than anything)...
So if I'm noticably absent from my blog...well my plate's a bit full for right now, but not to fear, I'll return soon...in the mean time, say a little prayer for K that he heals quickly and is able to show his "debut" horse...this horse could really boost his career and our lively-hood.

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mamichelle said...

OH NO! That's horrible! Good luck getting it all done and best wishes for a quick healing!