Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Typcially we have jack o lanterns, but alas, my pumpkin patch died while we are at one of those shows (boo hooo!!!!!)...and I find it hard to give the price they are asking for pumpkins these days, so no jack o lanterns this year.... I did buy some candy JUST IN CASE we have a Trick or Treater grace our doorstep...although that's very unlikely. I mean what child wants to trick or treat with a miles walk in between each house? LOL... I think not. Good thing I like the candy I bought huh? LOL
I think we'll just settle in tonight and watch some scary movies...that'll be celebration enough! So no matter how you celebrate Halloween, I hope it's "fang-tasatic!"

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mamichelle said...


Yes, we celebrate it. I usually carve pumpkins but I usually have help! This year I bought two to look pretty on the doorstep but I'm not carving!

I'll be giving out candy to all my neighborhood kiddies. Enjoy!