Saturday, January 3, 2009

1100+ Miles, 17 Hours, 2 a.m.

1100+ Miles we drove home, in about 17 hours and got in a 2 a.m....whew! What a LONG drive, but WE.are.BACK!
We came home the northern route via I-80 and somewhere between Nebraska and Iowa there were these HUGE windmills for miles...I thought they were too interesting and too pretty to not photo! I'm assuming these are for electricity, but I could be totally wrong too...that was pretty much the highlight of our trip home! LOL

So we have returned, we had a GREAT time, it was great to see my family and they finally got to know Kevin (we've been married 5 years and they barely know him) everyone got to know each other really well!
I'm tired, who knew sitting for 17 hours could be so exhausting? Well, I kind of had an idea...LOL... I got some new scrapping/stamping goodies I'll show my papercrafting friends soon. I didn't get to papercraft much while on vacation, I was just toooooooo busy! However, I did manage to spend some of my Christmas $$$ on new stamp sets on all the GREAT holiday sales! I also managed to get my mother to scrapbook...she was enthralled with my Cricut...I left her with her dining room table covered in patterned paper and all her memorabilia...LOL...she has NO idea!(insert evil laugh here!)...YOU Know what I'm talking about.

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mamichelle said...

Really cool shots!

And, yes, I really do know what you mean! hehehe