Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tree Full of Love Card and The Sky Is FALLING!

Ok, for those interested in my creative talents, look no further...for those interested in my horse adventures...scroll past the card...with that said...

I "almost" didn't post this card here today, because I'm not quite happy with it. This was done for the Limited Supplies Challenge on SCS (make a Clean and Simple no coloring...) and for Sharon Johnson's Stamp Simply Challenge...this weeks theme is LOVE... HOWEVER, I did post it to my Split Coast Stampers gallery last night and got THE MOST COMMENTS of ALL MY CARDS EVER on it... so I guess a couple of people like it (LOL) I'm posting it here today.

Really, the only thing I did to this tree was add the red hearts to it from an ANCIENT stamp I had from CTMH...we're talking 15+ years for this stamp...anyway, I think it "makes" the card... enjoy...recipe adventure below THAT...
  • Stamps: Penny Black Fantasy, CTMH Hearts
  • Ink: Stazon Black, Marvy Cherry
  • Other: Organza Ribbon


Now most days I have the job every little girl dreams of...I get to play with horses all day. Ask any little girl what they want to do when they group up, ballerina, nurse, teacher, mommy, cowgirl are typical answers...and the romantic visions of taking a wild mustang, putting it in a round pen and breaking it out in an hour like you see in the well...a CROCK! Many long hours and wet saddle pads are put into each broke horse you see and for every show horse, many MORE hours are put into THAT horse perfecting it, making what LOOKS easy, well LOOK easy even though it isn't (like a duck on a pond...smooth on top, paddling like anything underneath!).

Now horses have "moods", just like people, mares have "hair flip" days, young horses can be spirited and the older horses can be lazy, but then there are days where they ALL have a bug up their hind end and darn near NOTHING get's done...(well nothing this HUMAN wants done at any rate)...and yesterday was one of those days. It was cold outside yesterday, but the sun was shining and warmed up the indoor arena VERY nicely that the snow on the roof started to melt. The first horse I rode, a "barely" broke two year old (when I say barely, I mean I ride this one by itself, stearing, stopping, etc. is all PURELY OPTIONAL from the horse's point of view at this point...LOL), but a really good natured baby, gave me some problems, which is VERY unusual for my "happy go lucky" mount, but ok, he's a baby, they do that...we do some ground exercises, I get on again, end on a good note (always MUST end on a good note with each and every horse!) and put him up and get out the next charge.

THEN it happens, as the next horse is being lunged (this is a riderless horse going around in a circle to run out their excess energy before I ride it)...the snow has melted enough it SLIDES down the steel ,metal sounds like (to a horse)...THE SKY IS FALLING.... and of course it hasn't melted enough to go ALL THE WAY OFF THE ROOF...OH NO... it slides a few feet and then "rests" with the rest of the snow that is now dripping off the side of the room... Now what do horses do when they think the SKY IS FALLING? Well BOLT of course, with or without a we did a LOT Of ground work yesterday...which is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY more work for the horseless rider, but a lot safer... the snow isn't entirely off the roof yet and we've got LOADS of lessons today, I'm hoping for a cloudy day (wink!)....wish me luck!


MaryJo said...

Beautiful card, I love anything with trees!!

Ellie said...

Paula, I love the card. I especially love that little red heart on the bottom. I think I need to get this tree!