Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cards for Kids

As I was blurfing around (blog surfing), I came across a site that was asking for help to make 1,000 valentines for hospitalized children. There are 238 beds and the hospital staff wanted to make sure that each child had more than one valentine so they could exchange them with each other, their families or friends from school. Now if this doesn't sound like a worthy cause, than what does? So I've been a valentine making fool! Wanna get in on the fun? Here's the blog with all the information on it! So you'll be seeing a lot of quick Valentines from me this year...

1 comment:

Julie Koerber said...

You rock Paula!!!! Thanks so much for championing the cause! I have to say - I've been a Valentines making fool too!! And, that's a good thing - eh???
Take care and THANKS!!