Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creatively Cute Bloggers Challenge #2

First, this challenge is open to Paper Crafters don't have just be part of the CCB group!

Now I've been teasing my blogging group, because this is a challenge unlike others...we won't be making a card or a box, nope, not this time...yesterday I gave you a hint...this is something we ALL NEED.... a vacation...although I'm SURE we all NEED that (wink!)!

We need ORGANIZATION! Yes, we (papercrafters) are KNOWN to hoard, covet and well, create creative messes! For THIS challenge I want you to take the time it would take to make ONE CARD and organize something...ANYTHING papercraft related...some ideas
  • Organize those Jumbled Ribbons
  • Organize your Acrylics
  • Organize your Dies or Cricut Cartridges
  • Find a proper place to store your expensive markers
  • Label something
  • Make a binder to organize the sketches you keep printing off your computer
  • Rearrange your paper by color/theme/mfg
  • Make a holder for your heat gun
  • Repurpose a cork board for your creations
  • Well...YOU Know what you need to do...don't ya...LOL
You can do ANYTHING you want, as long as it's papercraft related and you take a photo of, no fair taking a photo of something you already have done (we're going for the honor system here, if you REALLY want to impress me take a before AND after photo of it....)... I want you to do this so you'll have MORE TIME TO CREATE all those "other" challenges later!

Be sure to upload your newly organized whoosiewhatsit to Split Coast Stampers and put in the keyword CCB02 . You're deadline is to get this done by is Friday, March 20th. So let's get out there and organize ourselves!

Here's a few of "my" projects;
The first is a peg board that sits to the left of my creating desktop, it was really easy to put together, the little pink and green buckets I've had FOREVER, the little white hanging buckets are actually shower caddies I picked up at Dollar Tree and hold things like adhesives, Nestabilities Dies, acrylic blocks, my stamp pad scrubber and cleaner and just general tools that I was FOREVER losing. I LOVE this because it's so easy to find everything and so easy to put everything away! (Very important as I HATE the clean up process...I know, I know this is an ironic challenge, isn't it? LOL)

Since I've been accepted on a DT and enjoy all the multitudes of challenges weekly, I was forever getting confused as to what was due WHEN...and I have this lovely little catch all corkboard in my crafting room that just caught everything...from horse show ribbons to easter decorations, to paper I repurposed it...

...into my weekly challenges board and this cost me nothing as I already had the black tape, and the letters were made with my Cricut, now I can see at a glance WHEN my challenges are due!

Ok, now show me YOURS! Remember to upload it to Split Coast Stampers so you have a chance at the prize I'm offering below (you don't think I'd make you work with no incentive now do you?)...Happy Crafting...and organizing!


Anjou Krelovich said...

Great challenge Paula! Your "what's due when" corkboard is inspired. I have one sitting on my wall with "junk" on it and just might be trying this out! I also have a ton of other ideas of things to organize. The question is how! Have to see what I can come up with!

Lil' Inker said...

2 really fabulous projects!!!!! Doesn't it feel good to get these things done!!! You know this is so good that we should make it a once a month challenge to organize something!!!!! I have 2 things I want to do already and I'm already planning my trip to Staples after taking the baby for his checkup today! I can't wait.

Jackie said...

Now this is a challenge especially since I've already purged my space twice!! Hmmm, I'll have to see if I can organize something else LOL!!! Thanks for a fun challenge Paula---putting on the ole thinking cap!!!

Ellie said...

Great Challenge Paula! I really need to organize my cards, they are taken over the bedroom. (That is where all my stuff is right now).

Jan said...

Great challenge. Paula! Now all I need to do is decide on what I want to organize first. lol.

Laura said...

Love the challenge Paula!!! This comes at a perfect time too! Great cork board....I should do that to mine! I know I need to make something for my individual stamped images....they are piled up and scattered!! Also, something to hold my cuttlebug folders and dies. Can't wait to get started!!

mamichelle said...

Ok, I cheated on the below post. I think I did them Bass Ackwards! LOL

Love your board!

Carisa said...

OMG, I am LOVING the cork board idea!! I wonder if I can "steal" the one in my hubby's workshop~~ bwahhaha, LOL. I can't wait to work on this challenge --- I just don't know where to begin!

Nikki Schmaltz said...

what great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Paula! I just wanted to stop by and see what you've been up to lately! WOW...what a fabulous challenge and I love the corkboard idea! I need to do something of the sort...

Thanks for sharing...


Carolyn Bounds said...

Both of your projects are wonderful!!! I especially love the challenge board you created!!! I am a chronic organizer and neat freak, so I have no new pictures to post:o( Thank you for sharing your organizational savvy!!!! Now, I can see if there are things in my room that need some further tweeking;o)


Ps. Could you email me your mailing addy? I have a card here with your name on it.