Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spare Ribs

Many have asked, so it's time for an update on my poor, broken ribbed dh... He is doing much better and is actually almost back to normal's been 4 weeks today (wow, it seemed like it happened YESTERDAY!) I still won't let him ride some the younger, ranker horses, I still do that, I don't want one to twist him some way that he won't heal properly.
The big horse show (it's called Congress) took a heavy toll on him (well, both of us). Mentally draining, physically draining, quite frankly I'm amazed he's healed as well as he has. Luckily for us, MOST of the clients were very understanding of his dilema, in fact a few of them took REAL notice of him and monitored his health (aren't they sweet?). We really do have a great group right now, a bunch of fun people looking for a good time...LOL...
Anyway, he's doing much much better.

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mamichelle said...

So glad he's getting better!