Monday, November 10, 2008

Thrifty Christmas: Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Tags

A day late and a dollar short...well that seems to be my mantra! LOL... anyway, here are the tags I promised YESTERDAY!

The first is my VERY favorite! Address labels printed right off of the computer. For those that can't see what it says it says To: (fill in the blank) and Love: Kevin & Paula. I leave enough room to stamp if I want to match my gift wrap (this year I have snowflakes and snowmen...sooo cute). What I love about address labels is that they are:
  1. Thrifty (I purchased my addy labels at Dollar Tree and got 15 SHEETS! WOW!)
  2. They never come off the package, when I mail my packages I never have to worry about the tag coming off and the recipient wondering who the intended gift is for!
  3. Being pre-printed makes it super quick!

The second idea is to recycle those old Christmas cards! Here, I just punched a tag shape with my tag punch, but I've also done squares and circles! K has an aunt that cuts around the shapes with scissors, so cute and a nice way to recycle!

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Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Hi, I was wondering what brand of tag punch you use to get these cute tags? I only bought a shaped punch once (a heart) and it was practically useless -- would only cut partially through the paper.

I like your blog! I just came across it today because I was searching on stocking stuffers, but now I want to look at all of your craft ideas! You do really nice work.