Monday, November 17, 2008

Thrifty Christmas: Gifts Under $5, Birthday Calendar

Ok, Ok, I KNOW, calendar = boring....EXCEPT this calendar has all the birthdays ALREADY IN IT! This is my most requested gift in my family (and trust me on this one, I didn't do it ONE year and got my hind end chewed off...I ended up doing them ANYWAY!). So I purchase the $1 calendars, fill in the birthdays and put Mrs. Grossmans stickers to go with that month's theme (in this example April, Easter, so flowers, grass, bunnies, chicks and baskets) and a nice balloon or candle sticker on each date that has the birthday, along with the birthday recipients name. Now WHO wouldn't like a calendar already filled out for them at the beginning of the year?


Kate's Life said...

Great idea ( now I just have to ask my husband when everyone's birthday is lol)

mamichelle said...

Another excellent idea! I'd love to send this to my SIL but it would be a major hint. ;-)

Lara said...

Fabulous! Another great use of Mrs. Grossman's stickers!

-Lara Starr
Marketing Director
Mrs. Grossman's