Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Sooo LOVED...LOL (and I needed some cyber love!)

I've been awarded this award 3X...first by Anjou and then by Laura and Carisa...thank you so much are all just fab!

And then Carolyn Bounds gave me 3 awards (hey, noticing a trend?) THREES? LOL

Thank you all ladies, you made a really rocky week smooth out...(read below for THAT...LOL) These mean more to me than you guys will ever know!


mamichelle said...

hey, I would have sent it back to you had I known I could!! LOVE reading your blog. You are so incredibly talented and witty!

YES, I def. am interested in an image swap. I'll email you (I think you're on the SBA list). Thanks!

Michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better (re the horse) soon! Congrats on your awards, you deserve it!

Laura said...

Congrats, Paula!! So well deserved!!!